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  • EURAMET project No.1135 – WELMEC Software Guides (train-the-trainers);
  • EURAMET project No.1134 – Programme for precious metals testing (training);
  • EURAMET project No.1133 – Knowledge transfer in the field of liquid flow and     volume   metrology;
  • EURAMET project No.1120 – Comparison of Mass Standards for South East European Countries (SEE);
  • EURAMET project No.1119 –Knowledge transfer in the field of calibration of non-automatic weighing instruments;
  • EURAMET project No.1096 – SEE exercise comparison of mass standards of 1 kg and submultiples of the kilogram;
  • EURAMET project No.1079 – Inter-comparison of 20 l proving tank;
  • EURAMET project No.1046 – Inter-comparison with electromagnetic flow meters; and
  • EURAMET project No.1025 – Harmonization of uncertainty budget for volume.